StarScreen3D v1.0

StarScreen3D is a Java Applet 3D project where hundreds of 3D boxes bounce around inside of a larger 3D box. The camera flies through the space, and you can rotate the direction by dragging the mouse with either the left or right buttons. To learn more please visit the informational page on 3D rasterization.

StarScreen3D v1.0
Control IDAction
Drag Mouse with Left Button DepressedThe camera executes yaw (left/right) and pitch (up/down).
Drag Mouse with Right Button DepressedThe camera executes rotation (left/right) and pitch (up/down).
Hold down the W KeyThe camera moves forward.
Hold down the S KeyThe camera moves backward.
Left ArrowThe camera yaws to the left.
Right ArrowThe camera yaws to the right.
Up ArrowThe camera pitches up.
Down ArrowThe camera pitches down.

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