StarFractal v1.1

StarFractal is a Java Applet project displaying the Mandelbrot fractal set using exponential color smoothing. The applet is interactive and allows the user to zoom into and out of the Mandelbrot fractal, generating a refined image each time. A unique feature of StarFractal is its ability to show the user the animated building of the fractal iteration-by-iteration as opposed to pixel-by-pixel. The applet will store the previous fractal view screen so that you can return to it and continue the calculation if desired. It will also run a bicubic resize algorithm to show a preview of the area into which the user selects to zoom prior to beginning the fractal calculations. To learn more please visit the informational page on fractals.

StarFractal v1.1
Control IDAction
Left Mouse Button (1st click)Activate view box drag.
Left Mouse Button (2nd click)Accept new view box. Zoom to new fractal view.
Right Mouse ButtonZoom out.
Left Arrow KeyReturn to previous fractal view and continue calculations.
Escape KeyCancel zoom command (use after 1st left mouse click and before 2nd left mouse click).

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